Geriausios 5 Kalėdų dovanos JAM

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Best 5 Christmas gifts for HIM.
1. YouandOil handsome kit. Hair and beard oil, face oil – best beauty products for the ones who envy others’ shiny strong hair – whether it is on your chin your head, face oil is a perfect anti-aging bottle with loads of natural oils and essential oils which will blow your loved one away (not form you, but onto you) 🙂

2. Inese Wrapture hand knit sweater made of local wool yarn. It is for the ones who have strong character and like colours. Inspired by nature’s natural colours – you will be wearing either a frosty winter, maple, New Zealand, gold autumn… 

3. Incode coded bracelet. It is only you and your loved one will know what you are wishing him. It is coded by Morse code – so be sure your message will be sent discreetly and confidentially. Made of nylon cord, hematite stones – very subtle for any wrist with or without watch.

4. Stone look candles – made of ecological olive oil. Men appreciate strong looking, nature inspired interior details. This one is not only good looking but also practical – he will be able to create a romantic atmosphere to his loved one.

5. Aye Aye candle holders. Made of iron cast. For the one who is a traveller and adventure seeker. Inspired by the first long distance travels and Industrial Revolution. He will appreciate this gift as a symbol of his strength and adventurous mind. Available in dark grey, light grey, red, black.

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