Emko Aye!Aye! žvakidė


Emko Aye!Aye! candleholder

The fleet is composed of four sizes – from a small tugboat with one funnel to a hefty steamship with four big ones. All navy-themed colours are available: red, blue, black and grey. Each funnel is designed to fit either a tea-light candle for cosy harbour light or a taper candle as a pillar of steam.

Drawing its inspiration from Industrial Revolution the Aye Aye! family is iron cast and powder coated for its colours. Additional space around the candles acts as an extra safe-zone. A ship is a safe island in an ocean and Aye Aye! is a safe place for a fire at home. Being iron cased the vessels are quite heavy, therefore stable and hard to flip (not on water where they sink like rocks). Each vessel is sturdy as a rock and a bold design item yet simple enough not to become distracting.

  • Material: Iron.
  • Colours available: red, black, grey, light grey.
  • Price:
  • 1 funnel – 21 eur / Size of 1 funnel: W 6.8cm, L 12.1cmm, H 3.5cm.
  • 2 funnel – 27 eur / Size of 2 funnels: W 7.8cm, L 17.1cm, H 4.6cm
  • 3 funnel – 41 eur / Size of 3 funnels:W 9.9cm, L 25.2 cm, H 5.9cm
  • 4 funnel – 47 eur / Size of 4 funnels: W 11.2cm, L 28.3cm, H 5.8cm.
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1 funnels, 2 funnels, 3 funnels, 4 funnels


Black, Grey, Light Grey, Red

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