HAIR CANDY conditioner


Solidu Conditioner.This is a double duty conditioner, with the top part designed for hair ends that easily become dry and need extra nourishment, and the bottom part designed for hair roots that need much lighter conditioning. In HAIR CANDY bar, we combined the most hair loving oils of all. Both ARGAN oil and SHEA butter have been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, make it stronger and reduce inflammation. These oils are extremely rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that are needed to nourish your hair. Packed with these amazing oils, HAIR CANDY conditioner will nourish and detangle your hair, leaving it soft, luscious and healthy.

Use instructions: wet the bar and warm it slightly in your hands. Stroke the bar directly over your hair or melt some in your hands and then massage into hair. Top part of the bar (lighter pink) will offer more conditioning and nourishing, use it on your hair ends. Bottom part (deeper pink) is perfect to use closer to the roots, as it offers lighter conditioning, will not weigh your hair down or leave it feeling greasy.

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